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The Advantage You Have Over a Rewrite Article Tool

article rewriting serviceArticle rewording is more than just swapping out one word for another that means the same thing. Many of the tools that are currently available for rewriting work like that. If you approach the rewriting task in the same way chances are you will end up with an article that doesn’t read very well and that may have lost part of its original message. To properly rewrite an article you need to understand the original first. A rewritten article should convey the same message as the original did but use different words and even a different structure in some cases.

Before you start the rewriting process, read the article thoroughly several times and be sure you understand what it is saying. This is the key to successful rewriting. Once you have achieved a good understanding of the article, you merely have to state the ideas in your own words, like you would if explaining it to a friend. The mechanical part of rewriting will eventually be duplicated by software tools. However, software can’t understand an idea which is a human’s edge over automated tools.

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Rewrite Article Process Basics

article rewriteStart by reading the article carefully two or three times so that you have a good understanding of what it is about. Take note of the key points that are made in the article. Without looking at the original write your own version of what the article was saying. The reason for not looking at the article while you write is that you will be less likely to use the same words and phrases the original author did.

When you have finished your first draft compare it with the original. You will be checking to make sure no key point was lost, that the meaning is still the same and that you haven’t inadvertently used any unique phrases or wording that was in the original. Most likely you will have to do a bit of editing like reword a paragraph just as you would when writing anything. After any revising and editing the article should appear completely different than the original although it says essentially the same thing.

Rewrite Article with Our Professional Help

  • Gathering text for article rewrite: Our customer-friendly website is the main interface of our organization and our customers. It provides a very neat look and explains why we are the best at rewriting an article. It also has an option to upload your articles. Once you have sent us an article, a project manager is assigned to you. This project manager does not rewrite articles but handles all the other stuff like payment and delivery of article.
  • Understand your needs for article rewrite: Once we get the article, the project manager assigns it to a writer. The writer then understands the basic them of the article. Once he has taken a closer look at the same, he then starts the article revision. The project manager co-ordinates between you and the writer so that all you additional needs are properly channeled. Any request you might have like increasing the length of the article or decreasing it or adding certain points, can be told to the project manager at this time.
  • After article rewrite, delivering the first draft: To rewrite an article, a writer needs the appropriate time. After he has done so, the first draft is passed to a reviewer (or editor). The editor then sees to it that the rewrite article is free of mistakes and grammatically correct. Once that is done, it is passed to the project manager who then sends it to you. You can check it for any mistakes or changes.
  • Making amendments – free of cost: Another attraction of our resume rewrite service is that we make changes or amendments after we have delivered the article, free of cost! You can contact the project manager and tell him about the changes you need and the writer will do the needful.

The biggest plus point of the entire process is that it is completely transparent. Also, all the writers that we hire are well-experienced in this field and know exactly everything about essay revision service and how to rewrite article. They are not over loaded with work too. This ensures that optimum results can be obtained. Our payment process is also completely secure. All the personal credentials that you give to the project manager remain with him and are not shared with anyone else.

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Some Article Rewriting Facts and Tips

rewrite articleHere are a few facts that might be useful when you have to rewrite an article yourself:

  • You can change the order to make paraphrasing simpler. Start with the overall structure of the article. Determine if you can present information in a different order that still makes sense and retains the same meaning. Basically, this will involve changing the order of paragraphs. Next look at restructuring paragraphs. Rewording is done last as some of the changes made during restructuring will require using different words.
  • Changing words is not paraphrasing. Don’t depend too much on your thesaurus. It is a handy article rewrite assistant but you don’t want to get in the habit of just swapping out words you aren’t familiar with as the meaning may change depending on context
  • Paraphrasing is repeating an idea, not words. Focus on ideas when you rewrite rather than the words that were originally used. It is the ideas from the original article that you want to use, and not the actual words.
  • Many forget to check their version. Compare your version to the original article and check that there are no changes that still need to be made, that all key points are covered and the original meaning is intact.
  • Remember to cite your sources. Even if text has been rewritten you must still remember to reference where you got the information from or it is still plagiarism.

Our article rewriting service uses live human writers who are both skilled and experienced for paraphrasing tasks requested by clients.

Just contact our highly reliable and skilled experts here today for the best article rewrite services that you could find online!