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Our Resume Rewrite Service

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Why You Need a CV Rewrite

Your CV is one of the best ways you have to market yourself to potential employers when you have to look for a new job. One thing most people will agree on is that it is a competitive job market out there and unless you get lucky you need to be at your best and use every tool you have at your disposal to stand a chance. This means you will most likely have to rewrite your CV if you haven’t done do recently, or if you have but aren’t getting the response you hoped for. The purpose of the CV is to get you interviews. The way it accomplishes this is by getting the attention of hiring managers and generating interest in what you have to offer. The best person for the job doesn’t always get an interview but the applicant with the best CV does.
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Basic Guide to CV Rewriting

Every CV will be different or there would be no purpose in writing one. The following are basic guidelines for rewriting your CV but there is room for you to be flexible and make your CV unique:

  • Rewriting CV should begin by doing an honest assessment of yourself. You need to determine what it is you bring to the table. In other words what do you have to offer that employers need. Identify the skills, attributes and abilities that you intend to focus on. Don’t try and include everything. Focus on those things that you are strongest in, and that you feel most confident in offering.
  • After identifying the skills and abilities your CV will focus on, select accomplishments from your career that reflect those abilities. When you claim a skill you want evidence of how you have shown it.
  • Your profile at the beginning of the CV should be written to catch the reader’s attention. Determine what the needs of the company you are applying to are and highlight the skills, experience and achievements you have that are relevant to those needs in your profile. Just make sure the rest of the information in your CV backs up what you are highlighting. To be effective you should rewrite your profile for every job application. This is the hook to get hiring managers to read further. Never claim a skill or ability you don’t have
  • Use reverse chronological order when listing your employment history and education. You can also do a bit of revising to the employment history section so that the desired skills for the particular position are focused on. Any adjustments will be minor.
  • Limit the length of your CV. Although more comprehensive than resumes the trend for CVs is towards briefer more concise documents.
  • Proofread your CV. This is the one thing that never changes. Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will torpedo your chances of landing an interview.

Tips for Rewriting Your CV

Obviously, you can order resume rewriting services, but if you’ve decided to do it by yourself, use the following tips for rewriting your CV to make it more effective:

  • Quantify your accomplishments when possible. Employers like numbers. Stating “Cut costs in my previous position” doesn’t sound as good as “In my previous role I saved the company 250 thousand dollars a year.” This puts some perspective on your accomplishment that potential employers can relate to.
  • Avoid the use of too much technical jargon, acronyms and clichés. The first two could make your CV difficult to understand and the last is just annoying.
  • Use an easy to read font and think carefully about including graphics. It may seem obvious but many applicants use a font that is hard to read. Something like Times New Roman is better even if it may appear boring to some. Although infographics are said to be becoming more popular in CVs think carefully before including any. Do so only if you are sure it is appropriate and not just for the sake of having them.
  • Don’t include references or the statement “References available upon request”. If the employer wants them they will ask.
  • Have somebody you trust proofread your CV. Yes, you proofread it yourself but it is easy to miss typos and simple mistakes in something you wrote yourself. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes to ensure nothing slips through.

Our Resume Rewrite Services

We know how important a resume is for a person who wants a good job. This is why we have a team where all the professionals have appropriate experience and knowledge of article rewriting and resume rewriting. They know what things need to be highlighted to make the right impact. Also, they are aware of the aspects that companies consider while hiring people for a particular position. They can rewrite resume according to an industry in which a person wants to work. For example, if one wants to apply for designing job in media or fashion industry, our team would focus on the creativity and understanding.

When a person approaches us for rewrite my resume tasks, our professionals discuss all the factors with them and try understanding the exact requirement. They even discuss vital points that need to be mentioned in the resume. After the discussion, the professional works on the resume rewrites all the points to make it more professional and then does a thorough resume revision. This focuses on eliminating any grammatical errors. The draft is sent to the person and asked to suggest changes. If the person finds the document fine, we move to the next level and do proofreading before finally handing over the finished document.

Our best resume rewriting service includes:

  • Quality of resume writing and rewriting
  • Deep understanding the field and the exact requirements
  • Highly-specialized and well-experienced writers
  • Attentive proofreading of your resume
  • And much more!

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee delivery of finished documents within the timeframe given by the person. If someone wants a document urgently, we consider it as a top priority. However, on-time delivery has nothing to do with the quality of work. We maintain standards of work. We also develop templates according to the resume. Our commitment to quality work and delivery within time frame does make us the right choice for resume rewrite tasks.

If you are a fresher or a professional looking for a new opportunity, do not let it go out of hands just because you do not know the right way of writing the resume. We will help you stand out and make the right impact with our rewriting paragraphs services.

If you need resume rewrite from our resume revision service? Contact us right now!