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Content Rewriting Rules

Content rewriting rules, what are they? Read the following so that you can be guided in the process and that you can accomplish the task easier and faster.


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Best Steps to Rewrite Content

  • Copy the ideas and not the words.
  • Rewrite paragraph by paragraph and not sentence by sentence
  • Place it below your content and work your way down.
  • Don’t be afraid in making changes.
  • When in doubt, add more

Tips for a Successful Content Writer

  • Hit with the title
  • Text that matches the title
  • No clichés, please
  • Research before you rewrite

8 Tips for Rewriting Content

  1. Change the headline
  2. Add a subheading
  3. Create bulleted points
  4. Rewrite introductory paragraphs
  5. Add new keywords
  6. Add links

Two Options to Rewrite the Article:

  1. Do everything you can to come up with new information that is not in the other article.
  2. Rewrite using your own words.

Additional Tips When Rewriting

Understand the piece to rewrite and figure out the main message of the journal, research paper or article. If you don’t understand a word, get your dictionary and look up the meaning of the word. Do not just change the words into their synonyms, but also check how the author used a specific word or words in the paragraph. Keep the source away while rewriting to avoid looking at it while writing so that you can focus on the task at hand.

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When done, get the original article and compare what you wrote. See if both convey the same message. If you think that you missed essential information from the original, add it. Check for proper spelling of names, correct dates and accurate data. Check for grammar. Read your version a couple of times. Finally, add the source or give credit to the author at the end of your article.

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Benefits of Our Rewrite Content Services

People usually believe that content rewrite is not a big deal as it does not involve any new idea or concept. But only few know that it is a harder job than developing new content. This is because when rewriting content, the person has to work within a given frame. He needs to follow the same pattern and thought process. Our aim is to provide high standard rewrite content service with following benefits:

  • Rephrasing: We not only simply rewrite content but also rephrase the content so that there is proper flow and becomes interesting to read. This gives the document a new form and helps client get the best content to reach out to its target audience.
  • Proper content revision and proofreading: We believe that for every company, the content matters a lot and hence once we are over with rewriting, we revise and proofread the content so that there is no scope of any mistake.
  • Original content: While writing the content, we make sure that it is original and plagiarism free. Duplication of content can hamper the overall impact of the content on the reader. Everyone wants to read new things and information and our team therefore, always does proper research and analysis before rewriting.
  • Different styles: Since there are a number of options where one can use the content, we perform all tasks accordingly. If one wants content for online marketing, we use all necessary techniques like SEO, keyword usage and other aspects.

Get Work Done in Simple Steps

We know that time is of great value and hence we take orders online. Also, we provide content writer online so that one can get the work according to his requirements. We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients.

We help you to rewrite content, develop and enhance your business in all possible ways through effective content!